Welcome to PrettyGoodTesting - a company dedicated to context-driven software testing

We can help you get better at handling your testing challenges through open class (and in-house) training, sparring and senior consultant services.


If you want to improve your general testing skills, then join our annual series of Rapid Software Testing (RST) open class training with James Bach or Michael Bolton


We are happy to have James Bach (US) as trainer at our next RST in Copenhagen (DK) on March 25-27 - 2019.













If you consider in-house Rapid Software Testing (RST) or other customized training (or sparring) with James Bach or Michael Bolton - then feel free to contact us at training@pgt.dk


If you need individual sparring, or if you need senior test consultant services, please don't hesitate to contact us at pgt@pgt.dk 

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