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Petition to Stop ISO 29119

Disconsensus over Consensus, General Disagreement over Agreement, Ignorance over Knowledge or 'The Missing Dialogue’

We PrettyGoodTesting (and CopenhagenContext) find it problematic that ISO now seems to break it’s own rules with respect to consensus and agreement.

We are concerned that an upcoming international standard on software testing (ISO 29119) seems to overrule the seemingly high number of objections on parts of the content of this standard by e.g. the context-driven school of testing. We are deeply concerned that despite ISO’s knowledge of the existence of such opposition, ISO seems to chose to simply ignore this opposition and we urge ISO to initiate 'The Missing Dialogue’ in respect of the software test profession internationally.

We therefore signed the petition to stop ISO 29119 and we encourages other professional software testers to sign the petition to stop ISO 29119.


- Morten Hougaard CEO and Software Test Consultant (testing since 1976).