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Security Testing and Hacking Workshop with Santhosh Tuppad

Unique Security Testing and Hacking Workshop [STHW]

Team "Testinsane / PrettyGoodTesting" enables this unique workshop to be held in inspiring Tivoli Congress Center, downtown Copenhagen at a ridiculous low price of DKK 2,300 (about EUR 300) - Note however, that seats are LIMITED !!

Read more about this Uniqe workshop, held in Tivoli Congress Center on Februar 27th - 2016.

Pictures and Videos from CopenhagenContext 2015

Pictures from CopenhagenContext 2015 are available on:

Videos from CopenhagenContext 2015 will be available as of mid May 2015.

Registration for CopenhagenContext 2015 is now closed

It is no longer possible to register for CopenhagenContext 2015.

We look forward to a GREAT week in Tivoli Congress Center and to welcome you to CopenhagenContext 2016.

International testing expert recommends "everyone" to join CopenhagenContext

...I'm interested in CopenhagenContext specifically, because it is one of the few conferences and the newest conference, that is dedicated to Context-Driven Software Testing. And that's why everyone should come to it - it's a real testing conference for skilled testers!...

James Bach - Satisfice Inc. (US)


CopenhagenContext 2015 Program Committee

Program Committee

Jesper Lindholt Ottosen

Carsten Feilberg

Rikard Edgren


CopenhagenContext 2015 Venue

CopenhagenContext 2015 will be held at

Tivoli Hotel & Congress Center


We are happy to announce that the leading Danish conference on Context-Driven Testing will (again) be held at Tivoli Hotel & Congress Center in Downtown Copenhagen!

CopenhagenContext 2014


Don't miss this extraordinary Context-Driven Testing konference!

Seats are limited - CLOSED



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