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Welcome to PrettyGoodTesting - EN

If you think your boss should be in charge of your career... you're dead wrong!

Choosing PrettyGoodTesting is choosing leading international trainers. You also automatically choose a top-class conference center and the (by far) best prices on the market. Below you find our recommendations and course overview.


IF you want to become a very good practitioner, IF you are prepared on being challenged, IF you want to learn new stuff and IF you would want loads of hands on testing at the courses, we recommend our courses based on contest-driven testing (CDT).

IF you have already chosen CDT, you will not be able to find a better start on your CDT adventure, than through the course Rapid Software Testing (RST) with Michael Bolton, James Bach or Paul Holland. You find all you need about CDT at And you can get an intensive introduction to CDT and a chance to network with Danish and international CDT'ers by participating in the CopenhagenContext conferences.

 Practitioner  Context-Driven Testing (CDT)  Rapid Software Testing  (RST) [RSTE] (3d)
 Rapid Software Testing  Intensive (RSTI) [RSTI] (3-5d)

 Rapid Software Testing for Managers [RSTM] (2d)
 Rapid Software Testing Strategy [RSTS] (1d) 
 Getting a Grip on Exploratory Testing [GGET] (2d)
 Techniques for Agile Manual Testers [TAMT] (2d)
 CopenhagenContext Forum  CopenhagenContext 2017 - Tutorial Day [COCO] (1d) 
 CopenhagenContext 2017 - Conference Day [COCO] (1d)

IF you want to be better at handling an existing Test Tool or get a good introduction to a (for your) new Test Tool, we recommend our professional Test Tool specific courses with lot's of hands on.

And IF you would like to know more about the challenges and pitfalls of Test Automatisering, you won't get it any better than by joining our course Crucial Aspects of Test Automation developed based upon a request from PrettyGoodTesting by (and presented by) Dorothy (Dot) Graham and Mark Fewster from Grove Consultants - the course includes a free copy of their book Experiences of Test Automation loaded with practical examples.


 Tool Smith  Test Tools in general  Crucial Aspects of Test Automation [CATA] (1d)

 Commercial Test Tools  TestComplete Intermediate Level [TCIN] (2d)
 TestComplete Advanced Level - Windows [TCAW] (1d)
 TestComplete Advanced Level - Scripting [TCAS] (1d]
 QAComplete Advanced Level [QCAS] - TBD
 Quality Center Advanced Level [QCAH] - TBD
 Soap UI Pro Advanced Level [SUAP] - TBD
 Open Source Test Tools  Selenium 2 WebDriver Basics with Java [SLWJ] (2d)