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PrettyGoodTestings Open Class Training - EN

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Please remember that we also offer our courses as either internal- or customised courses with same trainer(s).

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 Course (click for description)
 Date  Price (DKK)

 Rapid Software Testing (RST) [3d]
 Michael Bolton (CA)





 Rapid Software Testing Strategy [1d]
 Michael Bolton (CA)

 2017-06-15 8,000 
 TBD - Date(s) To Be Determined
 Rapid Software Testing (RST) for Managers [2d]
 Michael Bolton (CA)
 James Bach (US)
 TBD 12,000 

  Getting a Grip on Exploratory Testing [2d]
 James Lyndsay (UK)
 TBD 12,000 

 Python for Testers (2d)
 Kristoffer Nordström (SE)
 TBD 10,000 

 Security Testing and Hacking Workshop [2d]
 Santhosh Tuppad (IN)

 TBD 10,000 

 TestComplete Intermediate Level [2d]
 Anders Åslund (SE)

 TBD  10,000 

 TestComplete Advanced Level - Scripting [1d]
 Anders Åslund (SE)

 TBD 7,000 

 The indicated prices (in DKK) are subject to change and will be added 25 % Danish VAT.


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