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Crucial Aspects of Test Automation [CATA] - EN - In Danish

Grove Consultants (Dorothy (DOT) Graham, Mark Fewster et. al.) - This course is in English!

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What is ‘Crucial Aspects of Test Automation’?
A (1d) course for managers and test automation practitioners, wanting to avoid others test automation blunders.

Why ‘Crucial Aspects of Test Automation’?

Most organisations do not really achieve the fantastic benefits of test automation, which they have been promised. What is the secret to successful test automation? The secret is that there are really no such secrets, but the road that leads to success, is (unfortunately) not common knowledge.


  • Test automation planning and governance
  • Responsibility: tester versus test automation
  • The importance and role of a pilot (automation) project
  • The goal of test automation (be aware of the bad, know the good and make your own -measures)
  • Return on investment (ROI) in relation to test automation
  • Testware architecture and the importance of this
  • What is supposed to be organised in relation to test automation?
  • Pre- and post- processing
  • Test automation is more than just testing
  • Test status is more than just ‘Pass/Fail’
  • ‘Scripting Techniques’
  • The purpose of ‘Scripting’
  • Different types of scripting: Linear, structured, data driven and keyword driven
  • Advanced keyword- driven and DSTL (‘Domain-Specific Test Language’)
  • Automated comparison
  • Automated verification
  • Test stability: Comparing sensitive versus specific/robust
  • Further practical advice and recommendations
  • Others experiences
  • Next step: Your specific test automation strategy.

Did you happen to know that Dorothy (Dot) Graham has been involved in testing for more than 40 years, that she founded ‘Grove Consultants’ in 1988 and that she is co-writer of the books ‘Software Inspection’, ‘Software Test Automation’ and ‘Experiences of Test Automation’ – the latter from 2012 in association with Mark Fewster?

Did you also happen to know, that Dot participated in the establishing of ISEB’s certification programme for UK software testers, that she was part of the working group of the first ISTQB ‘Foundation Syllabus’, and that she (re)started her career in 2008 (as she put's it) dedicated especially interesting conferences and tasks?

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