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Security Testing and Hacking Workshop [STHW] w. Santhosh Tuppad - Testinsane (IN)

Team "Testinsane / PrettyGoodTesting" enables this unique workshop to be held in inspiring Tivoli Congress Center, downtown Copenhagen at a ridiculous low price of DKK 2,300 (about EUR 300) - Note however, that seats are LIMITED !!

Register for this Uniqe workshop, held in Tivoli Congress Center on Februar 27th - 2016.



  • Introduction to the 21st century of the web
  • Let the hacking begin / Introduction to Hacking
  • Social Engineering Attacks
  • Web Browser Add-on(s)
  • Hacking Demonstrations
  • Exercises for the participants
  • OWASP Top 10 Attacks + Demonstration
  • Cyber Laws & Responsible Disclosure
  • Android and iOS app security - Quick tips!
  • Bug Advocacy Exercises
  • Writing influential vulnerability reports
  • Q & A / Discussion
  • How to take the learning forward after this workshop?



An interest in Technical Testing, Security Testing or Hacking.


What will I get?

Introduction to- and real Hands-On Security Testing and Hacking via several exercises,
try-outs, input from experienced trainer and open class discussions.



About Santhosh:

Santhosh Tuppad (@santhoshst) is a passionate expert Software Tester based in the Context-Driven school of Testing and has tremendous experience in web application Testing and mobile apps testing through exploratory testing approach. Be it Functional Testing or Security Testing, he is a punter. His love for computers started when he was 12 and at 16 he was a hacker. He founded TestInsane to create an eco-system for people who want to live their dreams in Testing doing great work while bringing delightful experience for customers.

Apart from computers he loves adventure games, Jeeps, Traveling, Driving mean machines and more. And last, but not least he loves to follow his heart very well and is bad-ass at it.

More about Santhosh:

  • His blog demonstrates the knowledge that he has
  • He writes for Security Testing column for Testing Circus Software Testing Magazine
  • He conducts Security Testing Workshops to spread the awareness of it’s importance in Testing
  • He is a regular speaker at local and international Software Testing Conferences
  • He conducts local Testing meet-ups in India
  • He has been award winning Tester "Top Tester of 2010" across the globe.


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