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TestComplete Advanced Level - Scripting [TCAS] - EN

Teknoir (Anders Åslund et. al.) - This course is in English!

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As a participant on this course you will learn

  • About the context of the TestComplete IDE (Script Editor)
  • How to convert 'KeyWord Test' into scripts
  • About JavaScript in TestComplete
  • More scripting objects that TestComplete provides.

The focus for this day

  • Individual hands on exercises with instructors
  • Going from easier tasks to intermediate scripting exercises
  • Questions and problem solving, together with other participants
  • Experience exchange with other TestComplete Intermediate/Advanced users.


Did you happen to know, that Anders Åslund is our primary trainer within TestComplete and (soon also) LoadComplete, and that he has coordinated the training of our other TestComplete trainers?

Did you also happen to know, that PrettyGoodTesting through our close teamwork with Teknoir, now also offers strong developer- and technical project Managers?

"We appreciate that the teachers were very helpful in solving problems we have had using the software. They even gave us more examples on those areas to make sure theat we receive the appropriate training we need. The teachers have done Well!"

TCAS: TestComplete Advanced Level - Scripting - Anonymous

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