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TestComplete Advanced Level - Windows [TCAW] - EN

Teknoir (Anders Åslund et. al.) - This course is in English!

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As a participant of this (1d) course, you will learn

  • To adapt your automation for more low-level (developer-close) testing
  • To work with more advanced automated testing of Windows-applications
  • Enough to be able to test matters, that you didn't even believe possible to automate.

The main learning objectives, will enable you to

  • Use Logical Statements
  • Use Code Expressions for more advanced control of your tests
  • Handle Windows-Processes via TestComplete
  • Use Name Mapping in the most advanced form, for maximising the advantage of this
  • Get a deeper insight in how you to get the best out of Name Mapping.

You will also learn about

  • Hierachy
  • Wildcards
  • Extended Find
  • Required Children
  • Conditional Mode
  • Templates

As well as how to

  • Take full advantages of TestComplete Events
  • Generate Test Data for your tests
  • Use Script Extensions in TestComplete
  • Test non-supported GUI Components with OCR (Optical Character Recognition).

Did you happen to know, that Anders Åslund has been working primarily with Test Automation and Technical Project Management during the last many years?

Did you also happen to know, that Teknoir and PrettyGoodTesting met around Test Automation, and that Teknoir's Test Automation Consultants have assisted PrettyGoodTesting at our clients in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and UK?

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