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TestComplete Intermediate Level [TCIN] - EN

Teknoir (Anders Åslund et. al.) - This course is in English!

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As a participant on this (1d or 2d) course, you will learn

  • To use TestComplete for automated test of desktop applications as well as web applications
  • To fit your automation work to best fit a changing AUT (Application Under Test) - much like in real life.

The main learning objectives are to get to know how to

  • Record a Key Word test
  • Take full advantage of Key Word Driven tests
  • Use appropriate check points
  • Use different stores
  • Convert Key Word tests into Parameterised tests
  • Convert Key Word tests into Data Driven tests.

Furthermore you will learn

  • What TestComplete is and what it is not
  • What links manual tests and automated tests
  • How to generate reports
  • How to debug and maintain Key Word tests.

As participant you want to find out

  • How to evaluate if TestComplete is the right tool for you / your current situation
  • What TestComplete is all about and how it works, having just briefly used TestComplete
  • More about the many possibilities of TestComplete, having used TestComplete for a limited time.

Did you happen to know, that Anders Åslund has a strong developer background and has worked in many agile contexts, e.g. within Model Based- as well as Test Driven development, for several years?

Did you also happen to know, that Teknoir like PrettyGoodTesting is an independent consultancy, best thriving by enabling lasting value for their clients based on the ‘help themselves' principle and thereby promoting the foundation of competences within the client organisation?

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