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Rapid Software Testing (RST) for Managers [RSTM] - EN

Satisfice Inc. and DevelopSense (James Bach and Michael Bolton) - This course is in English!


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What is 'Rapid Software Testing (RST) for Managers' [RSTM]?

'Rapid Software Testing (RST) for Managers' [RSTM] is a (2d) course about a goalfocused, trustworthy and responsible approach to test management, that is both very fast, economical and demonstrating overwhealmingly results.

A natural continuation of 'Rapid Software Testing (RST)' [RSTE]

’Rapid Software Testing (RST) for Managers’ [RSTM] is a natural continuation of James Bach and Michael Boltons Rapid Software Testing (RST), that has been run all around the Globe.

’Rapid Software Testing (RST) for Managers’ [RSTM] is designed to contribute to many of the challenges that contemporary leaders will meet. Based on the ‘Rapid Software Testing (RST)’ course, the methods from this course and on the practices developed by James Bach, Dr. Cem Kaner and Michael Bolton, this course give answers to major questions like how you e.g. staffs, plans and executes test projects, faster, more economical and fully responsible.

What Will I Learn?

Whether you're experienced or new to test management, we'll explore the challenges of the role and how to work around them:

  • How to plan and prepare a test project when product information is incomplete or unreliable
  • How to estimate and negotiate for the resources you need
  • How to design and defend a rapid, risk-based test strategy
  • How to plan incrementally and apply exploratory testing approaches
  • How to establish a productive relationship with programmers
  • How to be an effective advocate for testability, testing, and quality
  • How to supervise testers and be accountable for their work
  • How to create a diversified team and guide its members toward building skill
  • How to report project status to indicate progress and prompt the right questions

Course Outline

The course is designed to be modular, responding to the issues you're facing in your organisational context. Classes are typically structured as follows:

  • Rapid Testing Basics
  • Project realities that necessitate rapid testing
  • The rapid testing mindset
  • Thinking like a tester and thinking like a test manager
  • Using heuristics to guide testing
  • Using risk to focus testing
  • Exploratory vs. scripted testing
  • Evolving a Test Plan
  • Using the Context Model to analyze a test situation
  • Negotiating the mission, process, and resources
  • Analyzing risk with heuristics
  • Test cycle dynamics
  • Testing throughout the lifecycle
  • Managing testers every day
  • Key Challenges in Rapid Test Management
  • Accountability: how an exploratory approach is accountable
  • Repeatability: nine reasons to repeat, one big reason not to repeat
  • Documentation: concise documentation is more rapid
  • Status: using a dashboard
  • Staffing: recruiting and developing rapid testers
  • Automation: an agile and diversified approach
  • Developer Relations: how to be the good guy, not the bad guy
  • Metrics: the value of inquiry metrics; the dangers of control metrics
  • Estimation: how to deal with an understandable request to predict the future.
  • Enoughness: how you know when you've done enough testing and have enough quality
  • Outsourcing: how to work in environments where you are offering or obtaining outsourced testing services

Did you happen to know, that Michael Bolton, before he etablished 'DevelopSense', for 8 years worked at ‘Quarterdeck Corporation’ as a tester responsible for the companys test teams during the development of the companys most important products?

”Michael Bolton is very good at communicating the principles in his thinking about testing – and surprising us several times with his exercises. An excellent course – also entertaining.”
RSTE: Rapid Software Testing – Anonymous


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